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Facetime for Android to make Free Video Call

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Features of facetime

Why Facetime have Tough competative comunication app among other all other app?

  • Available on Android

    When it was first built it was release

    it was only released for IOS and Mac

    but now it can also be downloaded for

    android device.

  • facetime android app is ad free

    App doesn't include ads. Its won't

    include any disturbance while

    calling.It is not linked up with any other third party ads network.

  • Record can be record with facetime

    Video and audio call can be recored without third parth application..

  • Smooth Video call

    Video call is very smooth is very

    decent network.

  • Security

    FaceTime is very secured their personal file and information.

  • Orient Camera

    Both primary and secondary camera can be oriented as per needed.

Facetime on Android development

Facetime App is specially designed to built for apple devices. There is high communication gap between android user and apple user due to two different software so to eliminate that problem facetime finally lauch their produce to android Devices. They released at june 16, 2017. This became highly download communication app on 2017 and 2018.

How Facetime call works on Android?


    After downloading sign up with your phone number and verify your number with code.

Reason to choose Facetime

Facetime apk is user friendly app.New user can easily learn using this app. You can't find this app is in playstore because facetime hasn't official released facebook on Android due to facetime doesn't have any link with google. its like you can't download google dup on iphone.

Due to free download we add sponsorship before download, User have to complete survey before downloading this app.

Facetime Android

Insipite of there any many different connecting communication app. It starts out due to its high quality performance while chatthing and call. The paid subscribtion is pretty much cheap to buy.

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